Zappettificio Muzzi mission

Our mission

Zappettificio Muzzi, originally founded as an agricultural equipment repair workshop, has now been in business since the 1950s. Starting out as a maker of farm tools, the company has, since then, grown steadily. In 1981 it became a cooperative, taking over the previous business and retaining the original name to ensure customers could count on continuity of both product quality and sales-and-support reliability.

Zappettificio Muzzi is one of the leading companies in the sector in Italy for the high quality standards of the products, the great competence and professionalism of the staff. The accurate and personalized service is fast and guaranteed both at the sale and during the assistance phase.

Environmentally friendly

At Zappettificio Muzzi industrial processes are
carried out with the utmost regard for key issues
such as safeguarding the environment.
Hot flue gas produced by the steel pre-heating
furnaces is recovered to increase combustion
efficiency and heat sanitary water for the building.
The outcome is considerable energy savings.

photovoltaic roof of the zappettificio muzzi
Clear-cut goals: 40 years of Cooperative

Clear-cut goals: 40 years of Cooperative

The decision to set up a cooperative 30 years ago led to a steady increase in output capacity and sales: the decisive boost given to Zappettificio Muzzi is clear evidence of a shrewd, effective, future-oriented business strategy.